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" Most programs are backed up and are taking about 2 months to get assistance with rent or getting into a place currently. It is hard to navigate where to live as you have to take crime rates into account and housing can be hard to find affordably for a family with pets. Housing in the Denver area is expensive and can be hard to get into a place if you have bad credit because it increases the security deposit.


Housing instability affects everyone and it is necessary and effective for programs like Family Promise to be there for the people because everyone struggles and needs a little help. Most of the time many struggles can come at once like us losing our place and waiting for places to open up after being closed during covid. We lost our vehicle and didn't have money or time to fix it, let alone get a place, so we really needed help with our rent and stability at this time.


What helped us the most was staying positive that we could get into a place and to keep trying every way we could to stay working. "


"Made our life together count and feel supported. Jeri really goes above and beyond to help others we are so blessed to have y'all, especially Jeri. Very friendly, fair, optimistic"


"Helped us get an apartment. They helped us with move-in costs. Tania was great and helpful!"


"They prevented us from being homeless & the gas voucher was a life saver. Had appointments that were important that I was able to make!"


"Family Promise is a life saver and gives you a second chance to keep a home for yourself and your family."


"Took us from homeless to having a home. Emily was very understanding. Thank you for everything!"


"Let go of your pride because Family Promise is worth it! Man, words can’t explain! Wish there were more places that go beyond like you guys! Thanks, Cami!"


"When my first son was born we had to sleep on the 16th Street Mall. I'll never forget it. We were living in hotels, living on the streets, and living from couch to couch. My kids were never stable - never could collect anything.  People always wanted to know what pushed me into homelessness. The lack of affordable housing for starters. I didn't have childcare. I never got a good education or job training, so I've never been able to get a decent-paying job. One day, I couldn't make rent and couldn't get assistance because no one could help me in time. We slept wherever we could until we found shelter at Family Promise."


"Family Promise changed my life forever. Now I have a roof over me and my daughter's head. They are life savers and give you a second chance to keep a home for yourself and your family."


"Gave me a roof and the tools to find an apartment. Rebel is amazing."


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