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Questions? Check out some frequently asked questions below.
  • How does rental assistance work?
    You apply online through our form on our get help page for prevention rental assistance or move in rental assistance for first months rent or security deposit. Go to get help page Click apply under the type of rental assistance you need Fill out form You get a confirmation email with resources - apply to resources given as well If we have funding available and you meet the eligibility, we will reach out to you within the first 10 business days via email and phone. If you do not respond within 2-3 business days we will move on to the next family in line. If approved, we collect documentation needed and process paperwork. Our turnaround time for payment is around 5 business days after all documentation and paperwork has been processed which varies depending on property managers and clients availability to complete the process. If we are out of funding or you did not meet the eligibility outlined in the application, you will get a denial email from us. We can help 3-4 families a month with prevention rental assistance. We can help 3-4 families a month with move in rental assistance. We get an average of 20 - 30 applications a month and 90+ requests for rental assistance. We don't have enough funding to meet the current needs of all clients seeking assistance. Please apply to all resources for rental assistance that are provided on the landing page after you click apply for the application and sent to you in a confirmation email after you apply for assistance through family promise.
  • How do you get families into housing?
    We work alongside families to get them into housing. Every family is different, some families get connected to employment or disability benefits and then are able to find a unit they can afford using our resources or referrals. Other families apply for housing voucher programs with the assistance or referrals given to them by the family advocates. This opens up the possibility of getting low income housing assistance or a low income housing unit. We then assist families in our Shelter or Bridge program with moving assistance resources that can mean anything from rental assistance to in-kind items and moving help. We do not have housing, housing vouchers, or motel vouchers.
  • How do I get assistance through Family Promise of Greater Denver
    You apply through our online forms on our get help page when they are open for applications or you can give us a call. We are a small nonprofit and all employees & volunteer interns will answer the phone for assistance. Level of verbal resource knowledge will vary, but all those who pick up the phone will be able to email you resources from our database. To see if we have any openings in our shelter program, call our main line extension 1. For all other assistance, go to the get help page and see which programs are currently accepting applications. Apply through the form. Assistance is: - first come first serve - based on meeting the eligibility for the type of assistance - open or closed based on the funding we have available. Once you are approved, we will reach out via phone and email. If we do not hear from you in 2-3 business days, we will move on to the next family in need. If we are out of funding or you do not meet the eligibility lined out in the form, you will get a denial email.
  • Who do you help?
    Families that are at risk of or experiencing homelessness. Our biggest demographic is single mothers. We serve all types of families, genders, and sexualities. You must answer yes to one of the following bullets below to be served by Family Promise of Greater Denver. - I have at least one child under 18 in my physical custody at least 50% of the time - I am pregnant (or my partner is pregnant) in the third trimester - I have an adult child over 18 with disabilities, who relies on me for daily living - I have children who have been removed from the home but have a reunification plan in place - I have a child that is 18 years old or older and still in high school
  • Do you have housing?
    We do not own any property. The property we occupy: Our main office/ Day Shelter: Rented Night Shelters/ Congregation Static Site: Local congregational partners that shelter and help feed our families every night and sometimes during the day Bridge Program Apartments: Rented and paid for by the city of Denver We rent out our current office/ Day Shelter where shelter families live, work, and play during the day. Our main operations happen at 1600 N Downing Street Suite 500, Denver Colorado 80218. Families in our shelter program sleep at local congregations at night. Families in our Bridge program stay at a small handful of master-lease units we rent out to help families who have a housing unit lined up but can't move in until paperwork is processed. The Bridge program families are referred through OneHome and internal referrals. Bridge Program is funded by the city of Denver HOST. How do you get people into housing then? See this FAQ
  • How can I get into your shelter program?
    We open up our waitlist when we have an opening in our shelter program and reach out to those that need assistance based off of when they filled out their intake and their level of risk they are in. 1. Call 2. Do intake over the phone 15 - 25 minutes 3. Call in once a week to stay active on the waitlist 4. We will call you back and send you an email if we have an opening and you meet our eligibility. To be eligible you have to meet one of our definitions of family.
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