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If eligible, we offer a multitude of programs for families in need to get the help they deserve.


We serve families at risk of or experiencing homelessness in the Denver area. They need to meet at least one of the following definitions of family listed below. Some programs eligibility may differ and will be reflected in the application.

  • Have at least one child under 18 in their physical custody at least 50% of the time

  • Be pregnant or  have a partner who is pregnant in the third trimester

  • Have an adult child over 18 with disabilities who relies on them for daily living

  • Have children who have been removed from the home but have a reunification plan in place

  • Have a child that is 18 years old or older and still in high school



Families in the Shelter Program stay overnight at local faith congregations, moving every Sunday or every other Sunday to a new location. Each overnight location is staffed by trained volunteers with 24-hour support from the Family Promise of Greater Denver staff. Each family has their own space at the congregation for sleeping and storing their belongings. Additionally, families receive help with transportation, access to showers and laundry facilities, and individualized case management and housing navigation.

To get on our Shelter Waitlist please call the Connection Center at 303-295-3366 to complete an intake and get on the waitlist.

We are unable to accept walk-ins.

Rental Assistance

If you are currently in a lease and trying to avoid eviction, we have rental assistance available each month. We can help an average of 2-3 families a month. Please apply to as many places as possible for assistance.


Transportation Assistance

We can assist families with one-time transportation assistance (RTD tickets or gas card) of up to $50.

To receive help, you must be literally homeless (staying outside, in your car, a shelter, or motel paid for by agency) OR at risk of homelessness.


To request that assistance, please fill out the form below.

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Move-In Rental/Deposit Assistance

If you are looking for assistance with first months’ rent and/or deposit, and you have already been approved for a unit, please apply below. For more detail on how this program works or other resources to apply to, click apply below.


Staying with Family or Friends or Hotel you pay for?

Depending on your situation, we may be able to assist you while you stay with family or friends by supporting your household with a bill, money for groceries, transportation assistance, or other limited financial assistance to keep your family in a safe situation.



Some families move to Colorado from out of state, and then wish to return back home at a later date. Others have family/friends out of town that they can safely stay with while they get back on their feet.

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