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For general information, please call our main number at 303-675-0713 or email us at All staff extensions listed below are for our main number.


Courtney Jensen

Executive Director

Courtney came to Family Promise of Greater Denver from Buffalo, NY in 2018. Prior to being named Executive Director, Courtney was the Development Manager of FPGD. Before moving to Denver, Courtney was the House Manager & Volunteer Coordinator of Kevin Guest House, a healthcare hospitality house in Buffalo.

As Executive Director Courtney oversees the operations of the organization. This includes overseeing all strategic, financial, and operational aspects, managing the team, and Board of Director relations. Courtney leads FPGD with various interventions for families experiencing or at risk of homelessness through partnerships with diverse communities of faith and the community.

Courtney is passionate about serving each family with compassion & humility. She aims to work as an advocate for our families in changing the conversation around family homelessness & how it is perceived within the Denver community. She enjoys building relationships with both the families served and donors alike.

In her free time she enjoys hiking, reading, watching the Buffalo Bills, and exploring new places.
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Mel Davis-Campbell

Director of Programs

Mel originally joined Family Promise as an intern with the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work, where she earned her Master of Social Work degree. Mel also attended the University’s Sturm College of Law, where she received her Master of Legal Studies degree. Mel is particularly interested in the intersection between poverty and the legal system.

After her internship ended, Mel worked briefly as Community Support Assistant, then transitioned to Shelter Program Manager. In that role, Mel coordinated overnight sheltering of families at over 20 local faith congregations. In September 2019, Mel took on the role of Director of Programs. In this role, Mel oversees all of the Family Advocates and ensures that each of Family Promise’s programs runs smoothly and effectively. Mel’s goal is to make every family feel as comfortable and safe as possible as they achieve long-term housing and stability.

Aside from Family Promise, Mel enjoys traveling, hiking, and spending time with her husband, friends, and many furry children. She’s also an avid reader and podcast listener.
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Sara Verhoestra

Director of Development

Sara joined the Family Promise team in 2021, coming from a strong background of fundraising. Prior to her role at FPGD, she worked for multiple organization to help fundraise for individuals living with a disability.

As the Director of Development, Sara oversees fundraising for the organization and manages relationships with donors and stakeholders. Her duties include planning fundraising events, interacting with former donors to encourage ongoing contributions and seeking out opportunities for financial support through grants and sponsorships.

Sara hopes to be the voice of donors within the organization by connecting their vision for FPGD to the direct programs and services we provide. She aspires to build a well- informed community on causes and preventions of homelessness, and to be an advocate for families in need of assistance.

When she’s not at work, you can find Sara adventuring in the Rocky Mountains with her family, weightlifting and running, painting, cooking, and spending time with her loved one.
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Arlinda Fasliu

Marketing & Communications Manager

Arlinda came to Family Promise in 2020. She studied Journalism and International Studies at the University of Iowa focusing on two tracks: Global Resources and the Environment, and the Middle East. She comes from a large background of volunteer managing & marketing for local & international organizations.

As Marketing & Communications Manager, she focuses on connecting with the community, managing our Salesforce operations, and creating content that effectively shares our story across all platforms.

She aims to expand cross-cultural competency for volunteers & donors. With that in mind, she loves to share the power of communication because she believes it is a key ingredient in transforming communities & believes that the more we help and listen to one another, the stronger we’ll be.

Outside of work, Arlinda loves to hike, sing, and travel to places she’s never been to.
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Tania Recendez

Family Services Program Manager

Tania originally started at Family Promise as an intern from the University of Denver’s Graduate School of Social Work. She graduated from their Advanced Standing program with her Master of Social Work degree. During her time there, her concentration was mental health and she completed the Latinx certificate. This certificate places on emphasis on providing culturally competent services to the Latinx community. Tania is interested in changing how people understand and interact with folks experiencing homelessness, as well as the services they access.

As the Family Services Program manager, Tania manages our Rapid Resolution and client services programs that focus on preventing families from hitting the shelter system by assisting families with move in costs, getting creative with how to help families extend their stay with friends/families and providing transportation/food assistance. Tania works with families short term but she is passionate about getting to know families and their unique needs so that she can form a collaborative relationship to keep them from entering the shelter system.

Outside of Family Promise, Tania likes to spend her time with loved ones, reading, watching movies, hiking, drinking coffee, and trying out new recipes.

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Rebel Rodriguez

Shelter Operations Manager

In 2012 I received my bachelor's degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a concentration in nonprofits. I started my work shortly thereafter at The Rising Church in Arvada. I was Foodbank Director for eight years and during that time implemented the ability for our guests to get showers, then added the clothing bank and then eventually started as Director of Mission Arvada at The Rising. I was director for two years before moving on to caring for children whose parent's needed childcare during COVID when daycares were closing.

I love what nonprofits do for our communities and cannot imagine doing anything else. I especially appreciate working with people and families experiencing homelessness due to getting to know many personally working at the church. I developed relationships with individuals and families that impacted me greatly.

I love living in Colorado and enjoy being outdoors. I have fun riding off road ATV's, camping and hiking our many trails.

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Danielle Biewald

Day Site Operations Manager

Danielle joined the Family Promise team after relocating to Colorado from Illinois in 2022. She received her bachelor's degree in Criminal Justice from Southern Illinois University and quickly began working in the nonprofit world. Danielle has a strong background working as a Case Manager and supervising Case Management in shelter settings for individuals experiencing homelessness and domestic violence.

Using her background in multiple shelter settings, Danielle has gained a passion for the day to day operations of shelter programs. As the Day Site Operations Manager, Danielle focuses on making sure that the day to day goes smoothly. She works to prevent any errors before they occur, develops programs for adults and children who are present at the Day Site, and creates operations protocol and processes. In addition to operations, Danielle also manages the volunteer program at FPGD.

Danielle hopes to continue to build on the programs that already exist at FPGD and work to make the Day Site a place where clients can come, feel safe and know that their needs will be met! It is most important to Danielle to create a trauma informed environment where everyone's voice can be heard and everyone works together to end the stigma around homelessness.

When Danielle is not working, she enjoys being outdoors, traveling, thrifting, going to comedy shows and playing rugby!

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Jerilyn Apodaca

Stabilization Specialist

Jeri is a Colorado Native with over 15 years of experience working to encourage, support, and strengthen families and communities. She graduated from Metropolitan State University of Denver with a Bachelor’s in Social Work and is a certified Healthy Relationships Facilitator.

Jeri's first experience with Family Promise was in 2000, when she and her five small children went through the Shelter program. She attributes following this career path to a family advocate at Family Promise (then called Interfaith Hospitality Network) who encouraged her to follow her dreams. “I feel so blessed and honored to be able to come back to the agency that helped me and my family in a time of need. I feel my journey has come full circle."

As the Home Program Advocate, Jeri provides ongoing support to families once they obtain stable housing. Her goal is to help families maintain housing by focusing on financial stability and linking families to essential resources in the community.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, traveling, and exploring new things.

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Dominique Estrada

Family Navigator

Dominique (DOM) relocated to Denver, CO. from San Antonio, Tx. in March of 2020, right before the COVID-19 pandemic hit the community. As a response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Dom took on the role as an Operations Coordinator with Salvation Army’s Active Respite & Protective Shelters to serve in our homeless community. In her previous profession, prior to relocating from Tx, Dom was in healthcare where she provided medical care treatment and support services for people living with HIV/AIDS and people experiencing homelessness.

In August 2021, Dom joined Family Promise of Greater Denver as the Family Navigator. In her role as the Family Navigator, she will provide families that are experiencing homelessness with housed-focused case management and resource navigation support. Dom has been on both sides of the fence in experiencing/overcoming homelessness in her own personal life with her 5 children. Prior to this experience, she housed several family members and friends in her own home. She always had her doors open and offered support without question to all who were in an unfortunate situation.

During her free time, Dom enjoys hanging out with her 5 children. She enjoys family game night playing board games, going to the movies, playing laser tag, video arcade games, and air hockey. She also enjoys the occasional peaceful moments for selfcare such as drives/hikes to the mountains, massages, and soothing hot baths that help to regroup. She also enjoys trips to visit her family in Tx. Dom prioritizes family with a very high level of importance.

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Julie Reyes

Bridge Family Advocate

Julie is joining Family Promise after organizing and helping youth complete their education and receive a high school diploma in aurora public schools. Julie was born in El Paso, Texas and has lived in Colorado her whole life. After completing her medical assistance degree and working in the healthcare industry. Julie completed her education in early childhood development and acquired eight years of experience with troubled youth and their families. Julie is also certified as a doula.

As a bilingual Family Advocate for the Bridge program, Julie works closely with families to help with their housing needs and sustainability for future success once families exit the Bridge program. Julie is passionate about helping others achieve their fullest potential. Julie is extremely excited to join Family Promise and learn different strategies on how to strengthen the bond with their children and the community. She focuses on financial budgeting and goal setting with families as they obtain stable housing.

Julie enjoys exploring the outdoors with her son, hiking, painting, cooking, dancing, yoga. traveling and exploring new places.

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Oliviah Nicol

Shelter Family Advocate

Oliviah joined the Family Promise team as a Family Navigator for the shelter program in September of 2022. She is originally from a small town in Colorado called Fountain. She attended Colorado state university in Fort Collins and moved to Denver after graduating in May of 2022 with a degree in political science and legal studies. She has experience working with people facing housing insecurity from her experience working at the Salvation Army.

During her free time, Oliviah enjoys art, food and trying new things!

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