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Preventing families from entering into homelessness in the first place with rental assistance. If you need this service, click the get help button.

With more than 40% of Americans being a $400 expense away from financial distress, the threat of crisis looms closely for too many families. Preventing families from spiraling into homelessness is an essential part of the FPGD mission.


Prevention is one of the most cost-effective ways to end homelessness. We help families avoid the trauma of homelessness by keeping them housed. We provide a small amount of rental assistance to keep families from entering the shelter system. This funding comes solely from individuals and local supporters in the community. Currently, we’re able to assist four to five families a month. The need for rental assistance continues to grow in the Metro Denver area where rent control is banned and housing developments have not caught up to the demand. Prevention rental assistance is the most requested type of assistance next to shelter. 22% of requests that come through are for rental assistance.

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Prevention Program

  • 4-5 families receive one-time rental assistance every month

  • The goal:  prevent families who are struggling to pay rent from entering into homelessness 

  • Families communicate with an FPGD volunteer as they obtain documents and payment

  • Payments are approved and delivered within one week once all documentation and approvals are executed

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