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Corporate Partners

We are sincerely appreciative of all that our corporate partners do for our families and their community.Our corporate partners are changemakers that allow us to help more families and make a bigger impact.


Pacific Western Bank

Pacific Western Bank is a national financial institution with a community focus. With over $39 billion in assets, they look to create opportunities for every client they serve. Give them your vision, and they'll give you tailored solutions to help you achieve it. 


Canvas Credit Union

Credit unions are known (or unknown) to be banking’s best-kept secret. Officially, they’re called not-for-profit financial cooperatives, which exist to serve the needs of their members (who are also owners of the credit union). Credit unions offer all of the typical financial products and services you need, just better and at a lower cost for their members.

Community Partners

Family Promise is very lucky to be supported by a wonderful community of partners. Our partners help our mission in a variety of ways including mental health support, funding for our programs, employment support and so much more!

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