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Family Promise Talks Family Homelessness With Klove

Listen to Courtney Jensen Talk about Families Experiencing Homelessness: The Article

Courtney Jensen, Executive Director, spoke to Monika Kelly about the hardships low-income families face in the Denver area. Since the onset of the pandemic, requests for family services have increased. Funding has not always kept up with this demand. Family Promise of Greater Denver continues to evaluate the allocation of the funding they currently have to meet the growing needs.

Families are looking for help with transportation, eviction prevention, and shelter more than ever. Family Promise is trying to tackle homelessness from all sides. One of those approaches is preventing homelessness. Preventing homelessness is one of the most cost-effective solutions to ending homelessness. Many families reach out for eviction prevention. FPGD can only assist 3-4 families a month. Requests for assistance have gone up to an average of 40 applicants a month. Families that aren't assisted through FPGD have a small handful of other places to apply to. Turnaround times for assistance sometimes surpass the eviction date leaving families looking for shelter.

Homelessness is expensive for everyone, that's why FPGD advocates for a housing-first approach and seeks to grow its funding to meet the needs of families and end homelessness, forever, one family at a time.


"Monika Kelly speaks with Courtney Jensen, Executive Director of Family Promise of Greater Denver. This organization is dedicated to serving families experiencing homelessness, meeting their basic needs of shelter and food through compassion and a focus on self-sufficiency. Family Promise is also active in prevention services, short-term financial help as well as various classes and referrals to help families stay housed and successful.

Original airdate: 10/30/2022

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